A POPP Day Out – Winter 2024


Welcome to the first POPP Day Out for this year as we kick off the 2024 series with the Winter edition at the BMX Warehouse in Pembroke. This is a curated market, participants are selectively chosen based on the quality of the products they sell, their brand presentation and to complement the visual identity of the event and other vendors participating.


The market will be split in two areas, an Artisan & Craft Market indoors and Thrift & Vintage Market outdoors. We choose to split them up in distinct areas since the stall types are often quite different, with bulkier walk-in stalls for vintage and smaller table setups for artisans and small brands.

Indoor Craft & Artisan Market

2x2m – table setup

Outdoor Thrift & Vintage Market

3x3m – open stall setup (gazebo recommended)


*Double stall widths are not possible for this edition


Saturday 2nd March


BMX Warehouse, Pembroke

Event Time:

12:00-22:00 (Market till 20:00)

Participation Fee:

Standard stall: €50
Add electrical supply: +€25
Rent table (1.8m): +€20
VAT needs to be added to the above costs. Send billing details to [email protected] to receive an invoice. Participation fees are not refundable.


– Stall space
– 2x €5 Free Drink Vouchers
– General lighting for market area
– Mentions on our social channels

To Bring:

Table and anything you need for your own setup.

Closing Date:

Please confirm your participation by 09/02/24.

To Participate:

– Fill in the form below to apply for the market
– Receive confirmation e-mail and payment instructions


Fill out all the details in the form below to join our next market. We’ll review your application and you will receive an e-mail confirming (or not) your participation.

Get in Touch

If you need more info drop us a line at [email protected]