A fun and informative session of beer tasting
Dive deep into the world of craft beer with a fun and informative session of beer tasting accompanied by an interesting excursion into the history of beer, production methods, the craft beer revolution and an exploration of the different beer styles.

Our beer guru, Robert, will accompany you in your journey through a jungle of hops, malts and grains. 

We offer two different packages, the standard package comes with 9 different beer pours while premium package – for hardcore beer-heads – offers 12 different pours. Each beer pour is a taster size of around 150ml (half a regular bottle) to allow you to tryout as many beers as possible. We recommend that everyone drinks according to their own limitations to be able to enjoy the full journey. Free-flowing bar snacks are included in the packages.

This experience is ideal for team-building events, get-togethers, corporate activites or just as a fun thing to do with friends. We designed this experience to be enjoyed by all, from beer newbies to seasoned enthusiasts.

It’s an activity that can be held almost anywhere, at your home, office or garden party. We just need access to refrigration, water supply, good light and if you can supply a projector we can also show some cool slides to accompany the session. We’ll supply the glassware.

Get in touch on [email protected] or call 7787 8787 for more info or to book.
Download the info sheet with all the details.