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  • The Beers of Xmas 2020

    Christmas Ales and Winter Warmers Everybody loves a good IPA except Father Christmas. He’s freezing his nuts in the Pole so he’s not bothered with any Hazy Tropical Hoppy nonsense. All he needs is a beer with depth to warm his soul, fill his belly and defrost his nuts. These winter beers are usually rich [...] Continue Reading
  • Socially Distanced Beers of Late Summer

    Of course, lager is the Maltese summer Festa staple beer but we’ve got a sh*t-load of warm-summer-breeze brews to fill your beach coolers; think sour ales, tropical fruit pales, wheat beers and thirst-quenching pilsners. This is the “new” Summer; Xarabank Facebook stream, Skype Beer Catch-ups and 4×1 Meter Balcony BBQ’s so in order to make […]

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