Maredsous 6 Blond


The light Maredsous 6 blonde was the Abbeys first beer. This beer with a calm, pleasant character and a golden, slightly orange colour with a beautiful white head is still drank daily at lunch by the monks.

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Abbaye de Maredsous
Abbaye de Maredsous

Like many abbey beers, Maredsous is keen to stress its authentic pedigree, while still clinging tightly to the secrets of its brewing process. The monk credited with developing the current incarnations, bearing the Maredsous mark, is Father Atout. His written recipe has been carefully preserved in the abbey library. It’s safe to say, though, that this is one item that isn’t available for loan to visitors. Right up to the present day, Maredsous beers are brewed following, not only the original Benedictine recipe, but also the Benedictine philosophy. As a result, a large proportion of the profits made from the beer sales flows back to charity.

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