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Le Naturel is our collection of wines without added sulfites, for which the key has been the totally natural, meticulous production, using a single ingredient: the grape. In this way we obtain a wine reflecting the vineyard of its origins with no artful devices.
This Pet Nat (‘pétillant naturel’) is Aroa’s first sparkling wine. It is made using the ancestral method, in other words, ending the fermentation in the bottle and without a second fermentation or disgorgement, the most traditional way of capturing bubbles in a bottle. Following the Le Naturel philosophy, no sulfites or any other ingredients are added. Uncorking it takes us to the moment when the freshly cut grape arrives at the winery. Le Naturel Pet Nat smells and tastes of pure vintage.
At Aroa Bodegas, our DO Navarra winery, we are pioneers in the recovery of organic and biodynamic farming practices. There we elaborate all our wines with the minimum possible intervention, and the maximum respect for the fruit of the vineyards, located in the Yerri Valley, the highest and freshest area of the denomination. We are one of the few wineries in Spain with the Wineries for Climate Protection certificate granted by the Spanish Wine Federation.

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Organic-biodynamic methods of cultivating, traditional methods of wine making and confidence in the power of nature led us to the wines from Aroa Bodegas. Organic, natural wines that express their terroir as purely and as honestly as posible.

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