Maledetta Belgian Ale


It’s name is dedicated to Club Maledetto Toscano, a cigar club. This beer mixes British and Belgian brewing cultures. It is amber in colour with intense citrus and floral notes. Hops and selected yeast strains mix in an array of fruity and floral notes of great elegance, intensity and complexity. The mouthfeel starts with a honey like flavour that turns into caramel and then evolves towards citrus flavours that merge into a spicy and pleasant bitterness.

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Birra del Borgo
Birra del Borgo

One of Italy’s most popular craft breweries, Birra del Borgo has been rethinking beer since 2005. The brewery is located about 60 miles east of Rome and is famed for its highly rated Re Ale IPA as well as many others which draw influence from international brewing traditions. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries with ingredients or reinterpreting classic styles, Birra del Borgo has been redefining beer in Italy.

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