Full Moon 12 Quadrouple


Full Moon 12 is inspired by a sublime classic 12 beer. Full Moon 12 is brewed with freshly-roasted BOM malts. It is aged on home-toasted Belgian oak, sourced from a barrel that we cut up ourselves using a chainsaw. By carefully controlling the toast of our oak, we bring out the full, rich oak character. It’s a hell of a 12 with Belgian Oak roasted at full moon. Angels and monks take shelter, here comes the devil!

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BOM Brewery
BOM Brewery

BOM Brewery stands for Belgian Original Maltbakery and Brewery. Before, each brewery had its own malt bakery, also called the malting house. Starting from this tradition, they bake, as first malt bakery in the world, all their own malts by themselves. It concerns here new kinds of malt that they develop especially for each beer individually. They are unique and baked according to traditional methods. They create their own beer recipes that they brew according to the principle of the gipsy-brewery. This means that they hire the wort boilers of a brewery to brew their own beer.

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