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Boon Framboise is a beer of spontaneous fermentation, prepared from a mixture of old and young lambics, which is matured in oak barrels. The secret of its high quality and authentic taste lies in the use of real, fresh raspberries, without the addition of concentrates.

For each liter of Framboise Bean, up to 300 grams of fresh raspberries are used, and a small additional amount of 50 grams of cherries per liter is added to make the beer even softer. By fermenting the raspberries with young lambic beer, Framboise Boon gets its subtle, authentic taste.

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Boon Brouwerij
Boon Brouwerij

Boon Brewery (Brouwerij Boon) is a Belgian brewery situated in Lembeek, near Brussels, that mainly produces geuze and kriek beer of a fairly traditional lambic variety, but using modern brewing techniques and equipment. Other products of the brewery including Faro beer and Duivelsbier, the traditional beer of Halle.

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