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Boons Oude Geuze is a traditional Belgian lambic beer. It is a blend of 90% 18 month old lambic, 5% three year old lambic, and 5% very young lambic, which provides the sugar for the carbonation of the lambic in the bottle. All Boon beers mature in oak barrels. In the bottle, the blended Lambic matures and becomes a Geuze, which can be stored for years. In taste, a lambic is one of the most complex beers ever. Very special, due to spontaneous fermentation, the acidity and the wood flavors of oak barrels make a Lambic a sensual experience of traditional brewing.

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Boon Brouwerij
Boon Brouwerij

Boon Brewery (Brouwerij Boon) is a Belgian brewery situated in Lembeek, near Brussels, that mainly produces geuze and kriek beer of a fairly traditional lambic variety, but using modern brewing techniques and equipment. Other products of the brewery including Faro beer and Duivelsbier, the traditional beer of Halle.

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