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The idea of this brew is to offer a “wanderlust” of hops, where we sourced hops from 5 different countries and used them in 6 different steps of the brewing process ( mash, beginning of the boil, end of the boil, whirlpool, active fermentation and after fermentation) to give a super complex hoppy profile, extremely layered with floral, grassy, piney, stone fruit, melon and tropical notes with a pleasant lingering bitterness. 

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Brussels Beer Project
Brussels Beer Project

The story of Brussels Beer Project is some years -not centuries- old. The project was born in 2013 by the action of two beer enthusiasts, Olivier & Sébastien. This time, no abbeys, we preferred Brussels : cosmopolitan, contemporary, vibrant. Our mission? Wake Belgian beer up, dust it and get it out of middle-ages.

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