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Capucana Handcrafted Cachaça is a blend of different varieties of barrel aged and non aged distilled cane spirits harvested on 3 family owned estates in: Capuava, St. Lydia & Bertioga situated in Piracicaba Brazil representing the floral, sweet and mineral properties of the terroir of each estate. After distillation the final blend is a union of non-aged cane distillate and barrel aged cane distillate, from ex bourbon and Islay oak barrels and aged for up to 3 years.

A Rare and singular cachaça, the flavour profile of Capucana offers a versatility unlike any other and goes far beyond the concept of Caipirinha, mixing with numerous ingredients and products.

Super premium and handmade, Capucana fuses its origin with a modern and sophisticated design making it a stand out product at home or in the bar.

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