Blue Lagoon Dark Chocolate – Lord Chambray x Chocolate District


A collaboration between Chocolate District & Lord Chambray Craft Brewery.

BLUE LAGOON Dark Chocolate Bar is inspired by one of Lord Chambray’s classic craft beers. A bittersweet dark chocolate infused with hops, barley, coriander, oats and tangy orange zest. A lovely composition of ingredients which recalls memories of Summer rooftop barbecues chilling with family and friends.

Hops are the flowers, or cones, of a plant called Humulus lupulus. They are a key component in beers, containing acids and oils that impart bitterness, flavor, and stability to the finished beer.

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Chocolate District
Chocolate District

An independent chocolate boutique & café in Valletta (Malta) specializing in fine chocolates, loose leaf teas & specialty grade coffee beans.

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