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It is with great pride that Asahikawa distillery made this unique gin on the Northern island of Hokkaido in Japan. The main botanicals Ð green bitter orange peel, coriander, licorice and angelica root Ð macerate for more than 24h in neutral cane spirit distilled thanks to a copper still with a swan neck to 83% vol. It is then diluted down to 43% vol with water sourced from the Taisetsu Mountains and filtered through charcoal for optimal purity.

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What does one have to do to get a double gold for Gin? Well, for starters, you need the know-how and top-notch ingredients. One of the first Japanese Gins has all of it. Made in Hokkaido by the Asahikawa distillery, Etsu means jubilation or joy in Japanese. It’s a floral extravaganza with some botanicals you won’t find in non-Nippon Gins, like green tea leaves, sansho pepper, and yuzu, the endemic Japanese citrus that tastes sort of like grapefruit.

They make Etsu following a secret recipe, sourcing the water from Taisetsu mountains and filtering it through charcoal. The Spirit comes in a lovely bottle with a geisha sitting in a yuzu leaf. A bunch of knowledge and work went into this glorious Gin.

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