Jay’s Beef Jerky


Out beef jerky is stripped down from all the fatty tissue and evenly sliced for the dehydration process to cook evenly!! All our beef jerky is marinated for 24 hours before hand to enhance all the flavour profiles of the marinade.

In short, though beef jerky is a healthy snack, loaded with vitamins and proteins and also a good quick snack when on the run!!

Packaging: 100 grams

Consume within 2 months

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Ferment Island
Ferment Island

Our philosophy at Ferment Island is to create flavour profiles that are sustained and grown on the island of Malta. Using local products that creates a cycle that is used to repeat the local process! The heat from the summer air, the passion from the people and the love that you get from the small islands energy! Buying local and supporting the local businesses is what we are all about at Ferment Island

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