Liefmans Goudenband


Brown color with a small beige / brown head. Complex aroma with tones of wood, vanilla, red fruit, cherries. Taste is sour, fruity with tones of cherries, berries, vanilla and wood. Long aftertaste with fresh and fruity sourness.

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Liefmans Brewery
Liefmans Brewery

Liefmans has been brewing for over 300 years on the same site, making this Belgian brewery something of a living museum. Known for their fruit beers, the characteristic brown colouration, bitterness and sourness of their brews is down to the mineral-rich local waters and the unique yeast strains they use. Spontaneously fermented, Liefmans simply couldn’t be made anywhere else in the world. The brewery has two rather unique claims to fame – they were the first brewery to hand-wrap each bottle in paper, and they were the first Belgian brewery to appoint a female brewmaster, Rosa Merckx. She made their cherry beer so successful that her signature still appears on each bottle.

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