Mezcal Marca Negra – Agave de Espadin


Distilled from estate-grown espad’n agave averaging 7 to 10 years of age, and is double-distilled in pot stills after the agave hearts are roasted in traditional stone lined pits. The Marca Negra expressions each detail things such as location of the distillery, production details, and the name of the Master Mezcalero. The square bottle is marked with a black handprint intimating the hand of the mezcalero (distiller) which in the espad‚Äôn expression is Abel Nolasco Velasco.

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Marca Negra
Marca Negra

Marca Negra is known for bottling some of the finest Mezcals from throughout Oaxaca, Mexico. They work with a variety of different families and producers, who all work in different palenques (distilleries) in various regions of Oaxaca.

They’re currently working with producers in Ejutla de Crespo, San Luis del Rio, and Miahuatlan. Each producer uses the traditional, handmade processes that have been passed down for generations. The agave that is used in each location depends largely on availability, and each expression will carry tastes and aromas that are unique to the terroir of the region in which it was produced.

Mezcal culture has ancient traditions and Marca Negra works on preserving the essence of this by connecting with the whole production chain, including the families and communities involved. Their goal is to promote the uniqueness of each release, preserving the ancient and traditional knowledge that goes into every last drop.

The black hand print on every bottle represents the incredibly hard work that each Mezcalero (distiller) puts into each drop.

The Mezcal they bring to market is distilled to suit the tastes of the producers and the communities where it originated. They do not try to speculate what the greater market would embrace. This is truly the Mezcalero’s Mezcal.

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