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Matsu is a red wine from Toro produced by the Matsu winery. The winery is located in the region of Toro (Zamora) and is owned by Vintae group.

Matsu El Viejo is 100% made from Tinta de Toro. The grapes come from ancient vineyards planted on very low production soils of sandstone and clay at about 650-700m altitude.

The cultivation of the vineyard seeks not to interfere with the natural processes of the vineyard, using biodynamic farming methods.

For processing, the wine is fermented and macerated for three weeks in concrete tanks of 10,000kg. Afterwards malolactic fermentation occurs in new French oak barrels. In the same barrels, the wine is aged for 16 months.

Matsu is Japanese for “hope”. The wines from the Matsu collection are the result of waiting, waiting for nature to fulfil its cycles without forcing it, and waiting for the wine to develop its qualities spontaneously.

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Bodega Matsu sits in a land where the grape gives everything without asking for anything in return. Thanks to very special climatic conditions and a privileged soil that prevents the appearance of pests and diseases, in the DO Toro vineyards nature is always allowed to complete its own cycles. No hurries. The result is three modern wines, made respecting the minimum intervention both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The proof that by combining the power of Tinta de Toro with the gentleness of the land we come from, it is possible to produce an intense but elegant wine.

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