Mr. Malt Brewing Kit (23 Litre)


Inside the box you will find all the necessary equipment to make your own beer: complete 23L fermenter, hydrometer, crown caps, capper, sugar measuring cup, cleaning solution and instrcutions. All you need to add is your choice of Malt Extract and glass bottles to enjoy your creation.

The MINI kit has been designed to keep it simple, so that even newbies at homebrewing will be able to brew 23 litres of their favourite beer easily.

* Malt Extract not included

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Mr. Malt
Mr. Malt

The nice guy running with a mug full of beer since 1991 does not only symbolize the Mr. Malt logo and the point of reference for Italian homebrewers, but also the essence of a successful commercial company, which combines dynamism and quality, technology and passion for the brewing art.

The company, established in 1996 in Pasian di Prato (Udine, Italy) offers a wide range of up-to-date products for the exciting homebrewing’s world, fulfilling the desires of professional and demanding customers. At the same time, a wide network of authorized dealers supply Mr. Malt’s products inside and outside Italian borders. A particular attention is also paid to national and foreigner microbreweries, brew pubs and beer firms, constantly provided with updated brewing items. With the opening of the new English website, the international horizon is going to extend its limits, confirming that the commercial adventure of the guy with his full beer mug is running fast!

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