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A premium selection for those who appreciate the finer things. Indulge in the hoppy elegance of Omnipollos HATT IPA and the rich depth of To Øl New Moon Porter. Experience the exotic allure of Omnipollo Fruit World Famous and the crisp sophistication of To Øl India Pale Lager. Elevate your taste adventure with the exceptional heat of Cholo Chipotle Chilli & Cacao Mole Hot Sauce (150ml) and the fiery intensity of Hot Damn Triple Ghost Chilli Super Hot Sauce (100ml). It’s a curated journey for the connoisseur seeking the perfect blend of flavor and heat. 🌶️🍻 #POPPLittleLuxuries #PremiumSips

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A tastefully curated shop in Gzira, Malta, selling craft beer, cider, specialty spirits, wine, artisanal soft drinks & quirky snacks.

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