POPP Mulled Wine Kits

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Our artisanal Mulled Wine Kits, made in collab with the lovely peeps at Lumber Min Gin – a symphony of local flavors crafted with care. Sourced exclusively from nearby businesses right here in Malta. Immerse yourself in the warmth of winter with our hand-dried oranges, ensuring a pure, preservative-free experience. Our packets are crafted by hand to ensure freshness and quality. Unwrap the essence of local collaboration of POPP & Lumber Min in every sip.


1. Add this packet and a bottle of red wine (750ml) to a saucepan
2. Add 50ml of aged rum or brandy (optional) + sugar or honey to taste
3. Simmer until it slightly bubbles then keep on low heat for 15-45 minutes with the lid on
4. Strain & enjoy.

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