Soave Classico “Monte Carbonare”


Rated amongst the top 10 Italian white wines. This wine is like a bit of earth in a glass. And it’s true. In the Monte Carbonare Vineyard the vines sink their roots deep down into the black earth; pure volcano. This gives the wine personality: forthright and truthful, with a sharp mineral nature. It tastes of rain on flint, on the black stones of the dry walls, and of the good fragrance that the countryside releases when dampened by the first rain.

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It probably would never occur to the Tessari Family to concentrate on anything other than Soave and its two native white grapes-Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave. The name Suavia harkens back to the pre-modern day references to Soave. (The Svevia-later Suavia-were a Germanic tribe that settled in this part of northeastern Italy after the fall of the western Roman Empire.) Vineyards have been in the Tessari hands since the late 1800’s, but it wasnt until the early 1980’s that the family redefined what growing quality grapes could be-tying clonal selection to site-specific areas, lowering Garganega’s prodigious yields, and making the wines in tune with the terroir.

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