Natur – Utopian Tones – Spelt Ale with Honey


This is the first collab beer from To Øl Natur, brewed with our friends at The Barrel Project (UK). We brewed this at our brewpub BRUS and drove the wort out to To Øl City for aging and blending. The honey used for bottle conditioning in this beer is very special and rare. It is called “Honeydew” or “Forest Honey”. Any given hive can sometimes contain one frame of this dark-colored honey. It is made when bees take nectar from the butts of aphids who in turn are boring into a tree and eating the sap. The aphids turn the tree sap into nectar, the bees then turn the nectar into honey. Amazingly, this honey contains less glucose and instead has maltose, which is the sugar contained in the malt to make beer.

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To Øl
To Øl

To Øl are a gipsy brewery from Copenhagen. Gipsy brewers don’t have their own brewery, they brew at someone else’s. This means the guys behind To Øl have brewed all over the world, using the expertise of their new friends to brew a wide array of exciting modern beers. As former chemistry students of a certain Mikkel (of Mikeller) they have taken a similar approach to their beers, constantly experimenting and rarely brewing the same beer twice. They love brewing with unlikely ingredients and pushing the boundaries of beer styles while always trying to produce something easy drinking and approachable.

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