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This gin is King of the World! Or, at least, it’s the King of Soho, which is just as good, as Soho encompasses almost every aspect of the world in a much smaller area. Art, music, culture and now, gin! (Those are the only things in the world, right?)

King of Soho is made in the heart of London by Howard Raymond, son of Paul Raymond, the property tycoon who helped revolutionise Soho and make it the wonderful centre for culture it is today. The gin is made with 12 botanicals that give it a full-bodied and fresh flavour profile.

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West End Drinks Ltd.
West End Drinks Ltd.

The King of Soho Gin, named after the well-known London Porn Baron Paul Raymond, was created by his estranged son Howard Raymond and appeared on the market on 1st October 2013.

Paul Raymond was a successful serial entrepreneur, who started to amass his fortune by opening up Britain’s very first members only strip-club in 1958, then moved aggressively into real estate, where he earned the title ‘King of Soho’ after taking over the area. Being in the porn industry led him to create an array of famous topshelf magazines such as ‘Men Only’ and ‘Escort’. Paul Raymond, who died in 2008, is remembered as a controversial figure in London’s rich history and as a purveyor of creativity, music, art, modern culture and of course sexual liberations.

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