Cox I Paeren – Organic Cider – Wild Cider


This bottle contains wild fermented cider on organic Danish Holsteiner Cox apples and mixed pear varieties from Lærkehøj. Nothing else! And that’s why we call it wild cider. It’s insane in the brain, sophisticated and enticing. Enjoy chilled. Natural sediments may occur.

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At Aeblerov we make wild, Danish apple cider. Naturally fermented on clean, unpasteurized must, pressed on apples from organic fruit growers around the country and Copenhagens backyards. We do not add yeast or sugar, but give nature a mandate. This means, among other things, that the fermentation is kick-started by the wild yeast cells that live on the surface of the apple, just as the fine, small bubbles are formed naturally during bottle fermentation just like in Champagne. The result is crispy and complex ciders that can accompany well-cooked meals or stand alone, but most importantly are enjoyed in good company. This is what we modestly call real cider.

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