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Think about it…

If there were no bugs, there would be no plants, which would leave us with no botanicals to jazz up our booze. WILD.

Enter Kew Gin – where East meets West London for the benefit of biodiversity. This Gin is so much more than a killer in a G+T or martini. It’s booze that comes full circle…

Kew’s head botanist hand-harvests a monthly dump of Douglas fir and lavender for distillation and 10% of all sales go back to supporting 260 years of science and 16,000 species of plants. Yup. It’s gin that gives power to the pollinators, because there’s no booze without bugs.

Bright Douglas fir and fresh, floral lavender are rounded out by sweet orange peel and earthy liquorice root and fennel seed, hitting all the right notes on your palate. 70cl bottle; comes with giftbox.

juniper berries | sweet orange peel | Douglas fir | lavender | coriander seed | angelica root | fennel seed | liquorice root

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East London Liquor Co.
East London Liquor Co.

“Our distillery is based in the industrial heart of London’s East End, so we’re not short of old practices. We just choose to ignore them. Favouring what’s to come over what’s come before, our booze is anything but old school. Just how we like it.

The Thames turns through our smiler, our Found Letters were literally ‘found’ around East London and we distil and serve from our corner of Victoria Park. But East is not just where we drink. Being from the East End makes us underdogs in spirit, we flip the V to convention and stick our necks out for change.

Because at East London, we believe everyone deserves a decent drink.”

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