Pink Pop – Tropical Pale Ale w/ Lactose


This is a beer based on the idea of Chugwork Orange – very sweet and fruity while also creamy, like a popsicle with vanilla ice cream on the inside. But in this case, we’ve changed up the flavour for a tropical fruit blend, including pineapple, passionfruit, and pink guava. And then it has a bit of hibiscus for a nice pink colour—tons of lactose and vanilla for dessert lusciousness.

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To Øl
To Øl

To Øl is a young Danish craft beer brewery founded in 2010. When To Øl was founded, we were sick of hundred years old breweries claiming territory only due to old age – instead we wanted to give beer some youth. At To Øl we do contemporary beers. We brew a wide range of potent, provocative, fresh and floral beers; hoppy, balanced and complex beers both light, dark, strong and simple. We brew the beers we want to drink ourselves and work to do the best beers in the world. We never compromise on taste and balance and keep pushing the boundaries of great beer-crafting.

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